About me

A senior in high school I Colen briggs decided that it would be in my best interest to discuss and inform whats happening with our current school testing that the undergraduates 9-10th are being forced to take. I have 3 brothers, one who is a freshman in high school another 6th grade, and finally my twin brother who is a senior as well. I feel like I am able to blog about such topic because I and my brothers are the kids that must take these pointless and high stress test. I have gone to the same school district my whole life and have lived in Ohio since the day I was born. I’m joining the Navy when I graduate so I can serve my country and see the world with added benefits for when I get out. I was a districts qualifier my senior year in wrestling. these are all the things about me that may interest you when wanting to know who your author is with these informative blogs thank you and enjoy.

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