How testing started

This is a photo High school students taking the first-ever National Merit Scholarship Program exam.

High school students must be aware of how standardized testing works at this point for kids have been taking test like these at ages way before college beckons. Standardized testing has been a mean to test large amounts of kids in a short period of time. The earliest record of such test was located in China when locals wanted to apply for government jobs they were tested on philosophy and poetry. In the western world we adopted Socratic method of testing intelligence so we can determine where all the new age children were at with the current intelligence level.

An estimated number of 1.5 million high school students are expected to take that very test this year. Including the most famous ACT and its counter part SAT. These test were created to see if students were eligible to attend elite schools, The SAT which was created first in  1926 and was officially adopted by all schools after WWII and tests a students logic and has a score of 0-2600. While the ACT was created in 1959 to test a students accumulated knowledge and is scored 0-36. Now the only real difference between the test is that the ACT is preferred more in the Midwest and south while the SAT is preferred by more coastal schools. So now you know why standardized testing was created and what uses they have.

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