The death of creativity

In the days of creativity and innovation our nation and our species have strive above all over forms of intelligence in this universe. We harnessed fire, made artificial light, skyscrapers and have even landed on the moon! But with all these innovations there is always a person behind it that have used creativity to achieve their goals. But what will happen when students aren’t in a healthy creative environment but are in one where strict rules and regulations are in place, where kids wont have the ability to think outside the box only whats in the bubble for there next exam. This is a serious problem we are facing and yet no one realizes the big issue that we are creating with future generations. We’re manufacturing high stressed environments for both student and teacher… In order to stop this trend from destroying our youths creativity, teachers must have more wiggle room to include more activities like group projects or just work that engages the child and still challenges a child’s mind instead of just lecturing a class for an hour.                                                           Image result for creativity being killed in schools

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